The YBCA 100

Recognition as a YBCA 100 honoree is a celebration of an individual’s present efforts and acknowledgment that their work will have future impact. Our YBCA 100 honorees come from the Bay Area and around the world. On this list, celebrities rub elbows with unsung heroes, and activists and artists are as revered as pop stars. It is a list unlike any other.

The 2018 YBCA 100 List

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts announces the 2018 YBCA 100 honorees, recognizing 100 people, organizations, and movements that are using their platforms to create change and move society forward.

The 2018 YBCA 100 Summit

On November 3, 2018, YBCA hosts the fourth annual YBCA 100 summit, an interactive experience where attendees participate in a dialogue with our honorees to explore the questions that inspire their work. More than a list, YBCA 100 is an experience.

Previous Honorees

2018 marks the fourth year that Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has recognized 100 individuals, organizations, and movements that inspires its work. See YBCA 100 lists from previous years:

Summit Playlists

The YBCA 100 Summit has been an annual showcase of compelling talks, moving performances, and ideas that inspire attendees through the coming year. See many of the sessions on YouTube: