Frequently Asked Questions
What is YBCA:You?
YBCA:You is an exciting new program that provides free admission to more than 350 YBCA programs and events each year for a low monthly fee of $15. You’ll also receive exclusive invitations to YBCA:You-only events, opportunities to meet and socialize with other arts lovers like yourself and a personal staff guide who will help you get the most out of YBCA:You.
What is the all-access pass?
The all access pass grants you free admission to all YBCA-produced programs, including performances, film screenings, visual art exhibitions, Opening Night Parties, artist workshops, lectures, tours and all other public programs. You can reserve your free ticket to YBCA events through the box office or online! The free ticket benefit is non-transferable and is good for free admission for you only.
When can I get my free tickets?
Free tickets are available as soon as you enroll!* If you’d like to obtain tickets for a YBCA program that same day, simply mention what you’d like to attend to the Box Office Sales Associate assisting you.
* If you sign up for YBCA:You online, you will not be able to immediately reserve free tickets online until you receive your welcome email. Please contact our Box Office to help you with ticketing until you are contacted by our program staff.
What kinds of exclusive YBCA:You programs can I expect?
YBCA:You is all about connecting people with the art, artists and proliferation of creative ideas that make the Bay Area so unique. Social, intellectual and hands-on engagement are hallmarks of YBCA:You’s exclusive programming. You’ll be able to participate in — and co-design — activities like:
  • Backstage tours of our galleries and theater spaces;
  • Artist-led workshops, lectures, and master classes;
  • Intimate post-show salons with guest provocateurs;
  • Off-site field trips and tours of partner galleries, museums and other local cultural institutions;
  • Private, curator-led tours of exhibits;
  • Regular meet-ups at arts events and gallery crawls all over the Bay Area!
Do members get a discount for YBCA:You?
If you are a current member, simply call or visit our Box Office and tell them you would like to add YBCA:You to your membership. If you have a Single Basic membership, you can add YBCA:You to your membership for $10 per month. If you have a Household membership or are a Discoverer or Groundbreaker member, you can add YBCA:You to your membership for $10 per month for one person, or $20 per month for two people, as long as they are the same names that are listed on your membership cards. If you are a member at the Curator’s Circle level and above, you may enroll up to two people in YBCA:You for free as one of your benefits. Please remember that your YBCA:You privileges are not transferable.
Why would I enroll in YBCA:You if I am already a YBCA member?
In addition to the ticket discounts and guest privileges you currently receive, YBCA:You provides a free admission tickets to all YBCA-produced events not currently offered in your membership benefits. You’ll also have new opportunities to socialize and network with a group of people who share your passion for contemporary art. The relationship you’ll develop with the YBCA:You staff will give you more diverse and satisfying arts experiences around the Bay Area and beyond.
What happens after I enroll?
  • Within two business days of your enrollment, you’ll receive a welcome email explaining everything you need to know to take full advantage of the program. The email will also contain a link to an important (and fun) online assessment survey that will help our program staff make recommendations.
  • After receiving your completed survey, you will be contacted by YBCA:You staffwithin two business days to schedule your one-on-one orientation. There, you’ll learn more about the program and how to access all of your benefits. Following your orientation, you’ll get started on creating and refining your own personal art goals with the YBCA:You staff.
  • From here on out, you’ll, receive biweekly communications and recommendations about upcoming programs and exclusive YBCA:You events. Of course, YBCA:You program staff are always available and eager to talk with you!
How do you collect my monthly fee?
The credit card you use to sign up with will be automatically debited each month until you decide to cancel your enrollment in YBCA:You.
Why are some programs ineligible for free admission?
YBCA rents its performance venues to a variety of local and national performing arts organizations. Our venues host performances by Lines Ballet, ODC, SF Performances, SF Jazz, Smuin Ballet, and Lamplighters, and many others. At this time, YBCA:You does not grant free admission to programs presented by non-YBCA organizations. However, we do encourage you to support our community partners and check out the dynamic programming that we’re fortunate to host under our roof.
What if I want to attend a rental program or event?
Please do, and spread the word to your personal networks, and fellow Youers! At this time, however, you will have to pay the regular admission price.
Are my free tickets transferable?
No, they are for you only. Guests must pay the regular ticket price. However, if you are a YBCA member, you may receive guest discounts or free guest admission for certain programs as a part of your total benefits package. If you are unsure of your membership benefits, please visit www.ybca.org/support or contact our Membership Department at 415-321-1320 or membership@ybca.org.
How can you guarantee me admission to every program and event?
For events with limited seating capacity or those that are selling quickly, we will give you ample notice that you need to reserve your tickets by a certain date to guarantee seating. We suggest that you reserve your tickets to events as soon as you know you’d like to attend since you can always cancel them if necessary. YBCA:You staff will let you know how many tickets are available to the You-exclusive events.
How do I cancel or exchange my reservation for another day and time?
Simply visit or call the Box Office at 415-978-2787. Box Office hours »
What happens if I just show up at the door without a reservation?
If seating is available you may certainly obtain your free ticket through the box office. However, we can’t guarantee available seating unless you make a reservation in advance. And remember, you may always cancel a reservation if it turns out you can’t make it.
When I reserve my ticket online, can I also purchase tickets for my guests?
Yes, our online ticketing system offers one stop shopping so you can reserve your free ticket and purchase additional tickets for friends and family.
Do my guests get a discount?
At this time, guests of Youers do not receive a ticket discount. Your guests will have to pay the regular admission fee unless you are a YBCA member, in which case your membership discount may apply.
How do I cancel if I decide I don’t want to participate in YBCA:You anymore?
Simply contact our Box Office via phone or email and let us know that you’d like to cancel your enrollment. Your benefits will still be valid until the date of what would have been your last billing, i.e., if you are billed monthly on the 15th of the month, your free tickets will remain available through the 15th.
What if I bought a membership when I signed up? Can I cancel that, too?
Sorry, your membership fee is non-refundable.

We ‘re eager to answer any and all questions. Please call our YBCA:You program manager Julie Potter at 415-978-2710 ext.418 or email her at jpotter@ybca.org.