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Overview: Bay Area Now 7
Bay Area Now 7

Through the work of artists who capture the spirit of “now,” YBCA’s signature triennial, Bay Area Now, brings to life current perspectives for both this art center and the regional art scene. In its seventh edition, BAN7 is experimenting with a new approach to curating that highlights collaborations with our region’s artists and arts organizations and pushes beyond presentation toward a multidisciplinary celebration of the diversity of artistic practices in the Bay Area.

BAN7’s core idea is to decentralize the curatorial process, and centralize the public presentation of some of the most exciting artistic voices in the region today.

As a common shared site for the presentation of works, BAN7 aims to create a lucid web of creative activity in the Bay Area. Our vision to create a platform for new work and experimentation is rooted in the belief that a decentralized curatorial process will open up an opportunity for a wider range of voices and create spaces for dialogue beyond the arts.

Mike Rothfeld, "I stopped believing in them some time ago... but they're still here.", 2014. Image courtesy Mike Rothfeld and Stairwell's. Copyright Mike Rothfeld 2014.

The visual arts component of Bay Area Now 7 has been reconceived through an open and rigorous selection process. By inviting noncommercial, small- to mid-size regional visual arts organizations to curate site-specific projects with Bay Area artists in YBCA’s galleries, we are making visible the rich complexity of our many arts communities. Using an art fair style format in which the selected participants curate projects for specific locations throughout an exhibition space, BAN7 celebrates visual arts organizations as vital players in the local arts ecology. The exhibition aims to foster increased appreciation for Bay Area art, artists, and organizers, and to promote a greater understanding of the vast range of practices and individual visions that make the Bay Area such a vibrant center for contemporary art.


Jul 18 to Oct 5
Mike Rothfeld, "I stopped believing in them some time ago... but they're still here.", 2014. Image courtesy Mike Rothfeld and Stairwell's. Copyright Mike Rothfeld 2014.
 Courtesy of Jessica Tully

Room for Big Ideas: BAN7 Clinic is an interactive series of programs that transforms the Front Door Gallery space into a hub for creative and social engagement. As an open site for shared ideas and interactive workshops, BAN7 Clinic address issues affecting Bay Area residents, transforming the space into an informal workshop, classroom, a place for exchange of ideas and services, and a public forum that invites audiences to work collaboratively with a talented array of Bay Area artists. Artists and visitors will use the space to explore conceptual and concrete benefits to the community by investigating subjects including: cultural displacement, transformation, disruption as a form of connectivity, and creating resources for the arts. We hope the dynamic series will inspire a spirit of convergence and curiosity by providing resources to a range of audiences.  The artists...

Aug 6 to Aug 24
Photo: Katya Min
Aug 27 to Sep 14
BAN7 Clinic, Disruption with Lauren Marie Taylor.
Courtesy The Film Desk.

From rabid film buffs, to critics, and beyond, the Bay Area is home to some of the most dedicated cinephiles on the planet. This series pays tribute to a variety of these unsung local heroes, who have selected this superb series of “deep cuts.” These are people who are hugely invested in film exhibition, but generally behind-the-scenes. You might know some of them by name, but mostly they will seem, hmmm, strangely…familiar... If you spend any amount of time at the Castro, PFA, Stanford Theater, YBCA, etc, you’ll recognize them. They’re always there, lurking in the shadows, keeping cinema alive.

Jul 20
Courtesy Celluloid Dreams.
Jul 24
Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics.
Aug 9
Courtesy Park Circus.
Aug 24
Courtesy Universal.
Sep 18
Courtesy Drafthouse Films.
FogBeast, Photo: Jessica Swanson

Bay Area Now 7’s core concept is to experiment with new approaches to traditional curatorial structures that highlight collaboration within our region’s cultural eco-system and which push beyond the boundaries of the performance stage towards a multidisciplinary celebration of some of the most exciting artistic voices in the Bay Area today. The performing artists, selected from among a pool of community partner nominees, include vocalists Antique Naked Soul; jazz musician Sheldon Brown; choreographer Gregory Dawson; Katie Faulkner / little seismic dance company; dance theater artists Fog Beast; dancer and choreographer Christy Funsch; Lenora Lee Dance;...

Sep 18 to Sep 21
Photo: RJ Muna
Aug 7
Lenora Lee Company, Photo: Robbie Sweeny
Aug 16, Aug 16
Photo: Jason Todd Cooper
Victor Cartagena with CARECEN, Photo: Raquel Gutiérrez

YBCA In Community is a new, community-based, arts-making program that pairs professional artists with community members in three distinct Bay Area neighborhoods — SOMA, the Mission & Excelsior Districts, and West Oakland.  The program connects low-income, ethnically diverse, underserved community members, neighborhood organizations, and individual artists around collaborative art-making projects that address the unique needs and cultural traditions of each neighborhood.

Sep 7 to Sep 14
Courtesy the artists
Sep 12 to Oct 4
Projecting SOMA. Photo by Eliza Barrios.