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San Francisco Cinematheque presents
Jon Jost: American Dispatches

Jon Jost in person

February 08, 2013
Screening Room


San Francisco Cinematheque presents:
Jon Jost: American Dispatches
Fri, Feb 8  •  7:30pm
Jon Jost in Person
Screening Room
Admission per screening: $10 Regular/ $6 YBCA members and SFC members

Jost is among the last of the true independent American filmmakers. Since 1963 he has made over thirty feature-length films in narrative, documentary, essay, and hybrid film genres, all of which he has conceived, written, photographed, directed and edited (and largely produced on miniscule budgets). Often politically confrontational, he frequently fuses considerations of landscape and ideology while addressing the nation’s military and economic contradictions and hypocrisies. Jost appears tonight to present a recent secret work—“among my most uncompromising films”—in a special “sneak preview” screening.

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  • Jon Jost: American Dispatches
    Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm
    Screening Room

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