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Femina Potens' ASKEW Film and Performance Festival
September 13, 2012 - September 15, 2012
Screening Room


Femina Potens’
ASKEW Film and Performance Festival
Thu, Sep 13–Sat, Sep 15
Screening Room
Admission per screening: $10 Regular/ $8 YBCA members, students, seniors, teachers

ASKEW is an experimental interactive exploration of performance, activism, and counterculture through documentary and experimental film coupled with performance art, readings, and dance. The festival spans three evenings, each thematically curated and followed by an interactive panel with the audience. Guest curated by Madison Young.

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  • Intersections: LOVE:SEX:PORN:ART: Our Intimate Identity
    Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm
    Screening Room

    Oriana Small and Lorelei Lee present excerpts from their respective novels and memoirs presented in conjunction with silent short films composed of both moving and still images based on their individual experiences within the adult industry.

    Chloe Camilla will present a live video performance.

    Dylan Ryan performs a piece related to her experiences as a sex worker.

    Hima B will be screening an excerpt from License to Pimp, her feature documentary about the dilemmas that strippers face when they must pay for the privilege to work in strip clubs where management violates their labor rights. Filming in San Francisco, the filmmaker, an ex-stripper, investigates the various factors that enable the strip clubs to pimp their workers and deny them basic rights that workers across America are guaranteed.

    Cheryl Dunye presents Mommy is Coming. Set in the international creative melting pot that is Berlin, this raunchy romantic comedy of errors confronts the last lesbian taboo: Mommy. A take on screwball comedies and porn topped off with Dunye's ingenious form of storytelling.

  • The Birth of Something New: Explorations of Queer Home, Family & Community
    Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm
    Screening Room

    Sadie Lune presents EGG, a collaborative work by Sadie Lune and Kay Garnellen. EGG is a sexy, funny, romantic, and dirty visual poem; an intimate collection of erotic moments between two lovers infused with food, fertility, surprises, joy, and love; and one woman's journey toward motherhood with her FTM transgender partner.

    Hima B presents Coming Out, Coming Home: Asian and Pacific Islander Family Stories. One Filipino and three Chinese families and their gay and lesbian children engage in dialogue about shame, grief, love, growth, living with HIV/AIDS, the acceptance of homosexuality by family members, and the cultural perceptions of homosexuality. The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance in San Francisco awarded this documentary with the 1997 George Choy Memorial Award.

    Madison Young presents Down the Rabbit Hole: A Year in the Life of a Sexy Mama, which explores theatrically and cinematically the transformative first year of motherhood for a woman immersed in alternative sexual subculture. Cinematic elements consist of several parodies of queer-sploitation films that illustrate the societal fear of non-traditional parenting and non-traditional family dynamics that include LGBT and sex workers. Video elements also include interviews from other queer and sex worker moms and parents about their first year of motherhood and their transformative experience. Young's onstage character resembles Alice from Alice in Wonderland, modified with autobiographical elements from her life as seen through the looking glass. Become immersed in Young's new surroundings of "Mama-land" in this experimental performance and multi-media presentation.

  • In/Visible: Women fighting for visibility & survival in a world that doesn't always celebrate difference
    Sep 15, 2012 5:00pm
    Screening Room

    6 pm: Pre-show in the Grand Lobby
    (Open to the public)

    Between 6 and 7pm in the Grand Lobby, as a pre-show event, Lisa Bufano
    and her performance partner Sonsheree Gile presents an exploration of
    body movement, performance and film in this new visual and performance
    work. The dominating theme is the visceral experience of alienation,
    embodied by creatures, real and imagined. So please arrive early if
    you don't want to miss Bufano's performance.

    7 pm: Screening Room
    (Admission required)

    Mollena Williams presents a new short interactive film exploring BDSM, race, culture, and emotional reaction to consenting adults engaging in impact play. How does an audience perceive a black female being "beaten" by a Caucasian male upon her own direction and choosing? How does a viewer’s reaction alter as the race of the "sadist" changes?

    Vixen Noir presents a multi-media performance and video work that melds poetry/spoken word, singing, burlesque and video projection while exploring how Audre Lorde’s essay and speech The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power sparked a major transformation in Noir's life as an erotic being, queer woman, and artist.

    Midori addresses the in/visibility of aging women in Japan by utilizing film and performance. Midori asks you, the viewer: When the Yamamba passes, will you see her? Will you meet her gaze? She seeks and seeps into the psyche of those who will not see her. There she makes new nightmares. Yamamba ( 山姥 ) lives in the dusky edge of the primordial forest, on the fringe of civilization's subconscious.

    Dylan Ryan and Rozen Debowe present Tooth&Nail, a short erotic film that thematically deals with the dichotomy of reality and fiction within the context of the sexual mind and mental health. Played out by the dynamically striking Dylan Ryan, this intricately woven femme expertly walks the battlefield that can only be created within the confines of the imagination. As she addresses the fine lines of reality, Ms. Ryan fleshes out a relationship with herself that is accessibly controversial.

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Artist Bio

Femina Potens is a nationally recognized non-profit arts organization, established in 2000, and dedicated to the advancement of LGBTQ & Allied Artists and Communities. Femina Potens is a leading queer organization in San Francisco and in 2012 launched new programming in NYC and Los Angeles.

September 13th Bios

Oriana Small, aka Ashley Blue is a writer and visual artist from Southern California. As Ashley Blue, she appeared in over 300 adult films — including the infamous Girlvert series — directed seventeen adult features, co-hosted Playboy TV's Night Calls Hotline, and has won numerous adult film industry awards, including AVN's Female Performer of the Year in 2004 and Best Supporting Actress in 2005. She lives and works with her husband, photographer Dave Naz, and her cat and dog in the Hollywood Hills.

Lorelei Lee has worked as a performer and director in the adult film industry since 1999. She has an MFA in Fiction from New York University and has taught writing at NYU, at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture, and in private workshops. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Transfer, $pread Magazine, Salon, The Rumpus, and Denver Quarterly, as well as in the anthologies Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys; Feminist Porn Studies; and Off the Set. Along with Stephen Elliot, she is the co-writer of the independent film Cherry, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and will be in theaters in September 2012. She has toured nationally with the Sex Workers’ Art Show, is an alumni of the RADAR Lab, and is a Literary Death Match Champion. She writes with playwright and performer, Erin Markey, for the blog I Deserve This, readable at She is currently working on her first novel.

Cheryl Dunye, a native of Liberia, holds an MFA from Rutgers University. Her fourth feature film, The Owls, is presently making the rounds at national and international film festivals. Her third feature film, Miramax’s My Baby’s Daddy, was a box office success. Her second feature, HBO Films’ Stranger Inside, garnered her an Independent Spirit award nomination for best director. Dunye’s debut film, The Watermelon Woman, was awarded the Teddy Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Her other works have premiered at film festivals and museums worldwide. Dunye has received numerous awards and honors for her work. She is based in Los Angeles and is an associate professor of Film at California College of the Arts.

Dylan Ryan is performer, artist, writer, porn star, social worker, and self-professed gender and sexuality geek from San Francisco, California. Her written work has been published by Feminist Press, Seal Press and in an upcoming anthology from NYU Press as well as on Huffington Post, CNN and in Bitch magazine. As a performer, Dylan has created pieces for festivals and shows across the US and Canada, most recently developing a new work for the National Queer Arts Festival in her hometown. A porn performer for the last decade, Dylan has managed to make work cross-genre and span the divide between mainstream and queer pornography, always bringing her own unique and authentic sexuality to her on-screen performances. A sporadic and passionate academic, Dylan holds a double Bachelors degree, and recently completed a Masters in Social Work from a Canadian university where she studied the rise of feminist pornography and the intersections between sex work and social work. A yogi and amateur media creator in her spare time, Dylan is currently working to continue her academic education and filmmaking pursuits.

Chloe Camilla is a queer femme-inist sex educator, sex worker, performance artist, model, and writer. As a Phi Beta Kappa pervert who has won awards for her work in sexuality (in both the academic and porn worlds), she enjoys sharing her knowledge with learners of all ages. Stilettos, glitter, consent, kink, and fierce politics get her off. Chloe has enjoyed performing at a wide range of venues both national and international, including venues such as Femina Potens, the Supperclub, and the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. Her current work uses poetry, masochism and queer theory to explore the intersections of femininity, monstrosity, and desire. She also performs in independent short films, fine art photography, and the occasional commercial. She earned a BA in Communications Studies and Sexuality Studies and has professional training in the fields of sexual health, sexual education, arts education, and ethnography. She has taught sex ed workshops at places like the Citadel, Folsom Fringe, and Pure Pleasure, has presented workshops on topics from sexual assault and polyamory/nonmonogamy to collaborative organizing and social justice at colleges and high schools, and has taught courses on performance for social change.

September 14th Bios

Sadie Lune is a multimedia artist, sex worker, and pleasure activist. She has won awards for her films and performances, exhibited explicit whore-positive work in venues from a former Army barracks latrine to the SFMOMA, and shown her cervix internationally (in homage to the great Annie Sprinkle). Her writing on art and sex is published in books and magazines in the United States and Europe such as Bend Over Magazine and $pread. She is featured in Too Much Pussy, an explicit documentary directed by Emilie Jouvet about the the Queer X Show's performance art tour of Europe. Sadie is currently working on “Biological Clock,” a queer fertility ritual performance as part of her ongoing project Teaching Myself to Love. She is also co-editing WhoreLover, an anthology of writing by the romantic partners of sex workers with P. Crego. Sadie lives in San Francisco and Berlin with her three snakes.

Madison Young is an international award-winning feminist porn star, director, gallerist, artist, and new mom. She has been directing and performing in erotic films for nearly a decade and has won great acclaim for her video line, Madison Young Productions, and her network of erotic web sites, the Feminist Porn Network. She has been awarded multiple feminist porn awards including “Indie Porn Pioneer” of the year and has received numerous AVN nominations for her films. Her films have screened at film festivals throughout the States, Europe, and Australia. Young, who has been called a “sex-positive Tasmanian devil,” values sexual education in her work and has taught workshops, lectures, and acted as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminism and pornography, and kink around the world including at Yale University and UC Berkeley. Her professional trajectory spans past performing in over a hundred adult films and directing 26 films for her own production company to include her contributions to the art world. Under the name Madison Young, she has handled the artistic curation of over a hundred art exhibitions over the past decade, not only for Femina Potens Art Gallery but also for The National Queer Arts Festival, SOMARTS, The SF LGBT Center, and the Traveling Erotic Art Show.

Hima B. is an independent writer/director/producer who makes social issue documentaries, narratives, experimental films and videos that explore the intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, labor, and economics, especially as they relate to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals, people of color, and women and girls. Hima B.’s interest in documentary filmmaking began with her first documentary about queer female sex workers, Straight for the Money, which premiered at the 1994 San Francisco Int’l. Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and continues to screen nationally and globally. Since then, she has gone on to direct and produce shorts, experimental videos, and non-fiction video profiles. Hima B. was born in India, raised in the US, and earned an MFA from Mills College. She has trained students in the NYC public school system as well as LGBTQ youth and young adults in all aspects of video production. She is a 2011/2012 fellow of the Queer.Art.Mentorship program.

September 15th Bios

Lisa "Louise" Bufano is an interdisciplinary artist and a performer, originally from Boston, who often uses prosthetics and props in her work. Lisa has performed for audiences in France, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Canada, and in venues across the US, including The Kennedy Theater in Washington D.C., The Baryshnikov Arts Center, and Judson Memorial Church in NYC. She is a Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art recipient and has an ongoing association with the Makel School in Vienna, Austria. Lisa was a competitive gymnast as a kid and a go-go dancer in college. After a bacteria infection led to the amputation of both her feet and fingers when she was 21, Lisa pursued stop-motion animation and sculpture at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. From 2006 to 2010 she toured with AXIS Dance Company, performing works choreographed by Victoria Marks, Joe Goode, and Kate Weare. A friend brought her to Boise, Idaho in 2009 when a nasty struggle with a reoccurring MRSA infection forced her to take a medical leave from touring. While she was healing, she pursued visual work in painting and soft-sculpture as a resident artist in Boise's 8th St. AIR program. Lisa recently moved back to the Bay Area.

Mollena Williams is a NYC-born and raised writer, actress, BDSM educator and executive pervert. 2010 is truly an international title year with visits to the Pride Festival in Stockholm, where she became the first woman invited to march with the Scandinavian Leathermen’s Association. She’s also done her thing in Dublin, Berlin, and in the UK; and has taught and performed in Vancouver, Canada. A founding member of Crowded Fire Theater Company, Mo blogs on and is the author of the “Toybag Guide: Taboo Play.” Her essay entitled “BDSM and Race Play” appears in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Best Sex Writing 2010 and she has a very challenging essay on race play in the anthology Spirit of Desire: Personal Journeys in Sacred Kink, edited by Lee Harrington. She also tracks her adventures as International Ms. Leather 2010 at and Twitters incessantly over on Her work’s been published by the Society Of Janus Newsletter, The Eulenspiegel Society’s magazine Prometheus, as well as the online magazine at and She has been interviewed for The Bottoming Book, ColorLines Magazine, Bitch, SexIs, The Huffington Post, Racialicious and the Dutch magazine, Zij aan Zij, to name a few.

A fierce femme who knows what she wants, Rozen DeBowe is a force blazing on the porn radar. Her versatile screen presence allows her to deliver dynamic performances with all of her co-stars. She began her career with Pink and White Productions and has since worked with, Nofauxxx, Girlfriends Films, and Juicy Pinkbox. When not creating art with her body, Rozen is a music writer and a video editor/director.

Vixen Noir is a rising superstar singer, songwriter and recording artist. She describes her music as “alternative dance pop soul with a lil' hip hop & rock thrown in for extra spice.” Vixen is also a talented performance artist, burlesque/striptease artist, dancer, spoken word artist/poetess, teacher and director and producer of live theatre and sexy cabaret. From 1997–2006, Vixen was the founder and Artistic Director of liquidFIRE Productions, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to the authentic representation of lesbian and queer women of color on stage. She was the mastermind behind the organization’s theatre company, The liquidFIRE Project, whose original productions focused on erotic power; and the always sold-out queer erotic cabaret, WET, which featured strip, burlesque, poetry, performance art, spoken word, comedy and musical acts. As Artistic Director of Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project in San Francisco from 1995 to 1998, Vixen produced and directed several festivals and theatre productions. Vixen successfully toured her one-woman show, “Sweet Deliverance” in Australia in 2009 and has been featured in the Australian magazines Slit, Scavenger online, Dirty Queer Magazine, BNews and Cherry Magazine. In the US, she has been featured in Curve and Girlfriends magazines, and on Q TV.

A Tokyo native, now based in San Francisco, Midori / みどりcreates installations and performances that provoke reaction and invite participation. Giving shape and texture to emotion and memory fascinates her. In her Yamamba body of work she blurs the boundary of the sacred / the profane, the base / the beautiful, memory / wishing, madness / clarity, and explores the realm of myth and shamanism. She's collaborated with Nick Knight for British Vogue, Titiano Magni, Singaporean choreographer Ong Ken Sen, and styled for Keith Lock's indie Chinese-Canadian ghost movie The Ache. Her work has been featured in Lisa Z. Morgan’s tome Design Behind Desire. She's created and shown at Das Arts in Amsterdam, Tanzquartier in Vienna, Coco De Mer in London, Femina Potens and Gallery Flux in San Francisco, as well as Torture Garden in London. In her everyday Clark Kent mode, she travels worldwide, teaching the art of creative pleasures and authentic living as a sexuality educator.
Facebook / Twitter: PlanetMidori

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