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Cao Fei

RMB City 2009

October 14, 2010 - January 09, 2011
Upstairs Galleries


Cao Fei, one of the most celebrated artists to emerge from China over the past ten years, has been presenting telling, biting, and humorous tales that chronicle the trials and tribulations of China's new middle class. Using a combination of personal narrative, fantasy forms, and dramatic inventions, Cao Fei has been highlighting the new economic order and its effect on the personal lives of those negotiating China’s rapidly changing social systems. Since 2008, she has been presenting her ideas in a large project called RMB City that primarily "lives" on the 3D virtual reality website Second Life. YBCA presents three videos from 2009 created with Second Life "tools" that highlight the intersection between the artist's own life and recent historical events. The videos feature the adventures of the protagonist, an avatar of the artist named Tracy China, as she zips through an animated world in flux, while constantly referencing life in China's growing urban centers. While a range of topics are woven through these videos they are all filtered through the Big Idea SOAR, as these explorations are driven by a search for meaning during a time of enormous change.

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  • Cao Fei: RMB City 2009
    October 13, 2010 – January 9, 2011
    Upstairs Galleries
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Artist Bio

Known for her multimedia installations and videos, Cao Fei is acknowledged as one of the key young artists emerging from Mainland China. She mixes social commentary, popular aesthetics, Surrealism, and documentary conventions in her films and installations. Her works comment on the rapid and chaotic changes that are occurring in all facets of Chinese society. She currently lives and works in Beijing.

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