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Community Engagement
Dissident Futures Art and Ideas Festival
November 23, 2013



Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) (Raphael Sperry and Deanna Van Buren), Code for America (Mike Migurski and Cyd Harrell), Takehito Etani, Fantastic Futures Project, Future Cities Lab (Jason Johnson and Nataly Gattegno), Peter Foucault, GAFFTA (Josette Melchor), Green House Project (Juan Carlos and David Gabriner), Jonoah's Arc, Kanari Productions, Kyle Herbert (with Jenifer Wofford), Ray Gilstrap, NASA’s Ames Research Center, Institute for the Future: Future for Good Fellows (Milton Chen, Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Sam Gregory, Shannon Spanhake, David Thigpen, and Ariel Waldman), Walidah Imarisha, InsTED Talks with Jaime Cortez (with L. M. Bogad, Bill Hsu, and Jenifer Wofford), Long Now Foundation, Manual for Civilization, Maker Cities, Majo, Pangea F.C., Brontez Purnell, Dorothy Santos (with An Xiao Mina and Ben Valentine), Brontez Purnell, Pangea F.C., DJ Patty Cakes Tortilla, Kal Spelletich, YBCA Young Artists at Work, Young Gifted and Black, Video Game Monologues (Lián Amaris), Michael Zheng (with Amber St. Germain).

Dissident Futures Art and Ideas Festival
Sat, Nov 23, Noon–9 PM
Grand Lobby, Screening Room, Third Street Courtyard, Youth Arts Lounge

YBCA invites you to participate in a one-day interactive festival in conjunction with the Dissident Futures visual arts exhibit in our Downstairs Gallery. The festival will bring our communities together to explore and investigate possible futures envisioned by artists, urban planners, environmentalists, scientists, robotic experts, designers, programmers, and food activists through dynamic workshops, lectures, performances, interactive media, music, and more.

In the Bay Area, there are a wealth of future-facing projects, involving practical innovations in technology and science. Some of these creative yet pragmatic endeavors are informed by utopian dreams and fueled by a local culture that looks to the future with hope and a predominant strain of optimism at what may come. The worldwide effort to consider and shape the future is being conducted by diverse actors including artists, scientists, teachers, and activists. The breadth of ideas and emergent forms ranges vastly, and given the scope and rising pace of these activities, ideas, and aspirations around the future, it is an exciting time for us to look critically at the participants and the outsiders in this conversation.

We want to bring people together in dialogue with members of our Bay Area community who have the tools to envision a future that expands on the best of our aspirations and builds on our technological advances, but keeps in check negative vectors such as climate change, rising income inequalities, and gaps that exist for power distribution and influence. We want to look at the entire ecology and foster discussions that move us forward.


Noon: Opening Remarks by YBCA Executive Director Deborah M. Cullinan and Talks by Ray Gilstrap and Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), Grand Lobby

Noon–8 PM: Artist booths by Fantastic Futures, Takehito Etani, Peter Foucault, Young Gifted and Black, GAFFTA, and Institute for the Future, Grand Lobby

Throughout the Day: Food, Music, Performances, and Mini Maker Faire, Third Street Courtyard

1–8 PM: Artist Presentations

1–2:30 PM: Future Cities Lab: Work of Future Cities Lab, Screening Room; Walidah Imarisha: Workshop on Sci-Fi and Social Movements, Youth Arts Lounge

2:30–4 PM: Code for America: Discussion on Open Government, Screening Room; Long Now Foundation: Manual for Civilization and GAFFTA: Creative Technology for Social Good and Urban Prototyping, Youth Arts Lounge

4–5:30 PM: Institute for the Future Fellows: Creating a Future for Good, Screening Room; Green House Project: Urban Agriculture—Rethinking Urban Density, Youth Arts Lounge

5:30–7 PM: InsTED Talks with Jaime Cortez, L. M. Bogad, Bill Hsu, and Jenifer Wofford, Screening Room; Kal Spelletich: Research and Survival in the Arts, Youth Arts Lounge

8–9:15 PM: Video Game Monologues, Screening Room; Dorothy Santos, An Xiao Mina, Ben Valentine: The Honeymoon’s Over—Arts and Culture Criticism in the Age of Networked Power, Youth Arts Lounge

2–4 PM: Performance by Michael Zheng, Grand Lobby; Performances and music by Brontez Purnell, Majo, Pangea F.C., Third Street Courtyard

7–8 PM: Performance by Jenifer Wofford and Kyle Herbert, Grand Lobby; Music performances, Third Street Courtyard

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  • Dissident Futures Art and Ideas Festival
    Nov 23, 2013 12:00pm – 9:00pm
    FREE with RSVP

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Artist Bio

Architects/Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) (Raphael Sperry and Deanna VanBuren) »
Code for America »
Takehito Etani »
Fantastic Futures »
Future Cities Lab »
Peter Foucault »
Ray Gilstrap »
Green House Project by Juan Carlos and David Gabriner »
Jonoah's Arc »
Kyle Herbert »
Institute for the Future: Future for Good Fellows »
Walidah Imarisha »
InsTED Talks by Jaime Cortez (with Larry Bogad, Bill Hsu & Jenifer Wofford) »
The Long Now Foundation »
Dorothy Santos (with An Xiao Mina & Ben Valentine) »
Kal Spelletich »
Amber St. Germain »
Jenifer K. Wofford »
YBCA Young Artists at Work »
Young, Gifted and Black »
Video Game Monologues (Lián Amaris) »
Michael Zheng »
Day's Music provided by Kanari Productions

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