Mission & Vision


YBCA is an integrated site of creative endeavor; a unique fusion of art, innovation and ideas in a social environment. It serves as a curated platform for the dynamic convergence of artists, inventors, producers, thinkers, and community to sustain multiple levels of participation, propel short and long term social change, and insure that live arts and living artists are vital to society.


YBCA revolutionizes how the world engages with contemporary art and ideas.

Core Values

The vitality of life in the Bay Area depends on our continued exposure to varied perspectives and beliefs. As well, our legacy depends upon our commitment to new art, ideas and means of expression. These are the sustaining principles of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which take form through:

Innovation and Risk

As a contemporary arts center, our highest value is innovation and the risk inherent in innovation. Like the artists we support, we are committed to continuously challenging our assumptions, trying new ideas and assessing their effectiveness as we adapt, adopt and move forward;

Diversity and Inclusion

We completely embrace the challenge of working with people from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and alternative points of view. Underlying our commitment to diversity is mutual trust, respect and an openness to other perspectives, even if it makes us uncomfortable at the moment;

Engagement and Interactivity

We value the engaged experience—vital interactions that create meaning and have an impact on the individuals involved. We approach every interaction with the intention that it be a consequential, even a transformative, experience;

Collaboration and Cooperation

We are committed to the collaborative process of creation. Through the complex and rewarding experience of working together, we strive to create what would not have been possible by acting alone;

Excellence and Rigor

Especially as we pursue innovation and experimentation, we demand rigor and professionalism in our work. We are steadfast in our desire to produce the best possible results with the resources available to us.